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A list of frequently asked questions from our customers

What time are you less busy?

Updated: 15 March 2023

At Jackalope, our dinner service has become quite busy these days. Our busiest slot starts from 7:30pm and there might be a queue to place an order. To avoid the queue, you can order a bit earlier. Unfortunately as our produce is freshly made, we run the risk of selling out some products towards the end of our shifts. 

As we run a small kitchen, we only start to take your order when we are ready to make your food. Normally, the waiting time is less than 10 minutes. During busy times, we still aim to serve you food within 20 minutes from the time you place the order.

Sorry for the wait and thanks for your patience. You can also consider visiting our Aldgate Tap branch which is less crowded. 

Do you have Gluten free options

Updated: 23 April 2022

We are introducing a gluten-free vegan glassnoodle dish to our menu. The gluten-free dish will take an extra time for cooking as it will be prepared in a separate cooker, instead of our powerful noodle cooker. 

You can choose to add chickpeas as an extra protein to your dish. But unfortunately, the mince pork is not gluten free.  

How hot is hot?

We kindly ask you to choose a spicy level when ordering your food - mild, hot, extra hot. 

It is difficult to quantify the spiciness. As a Chongqing native, I would say our Extra Hot is quite spicy (but of course there are people who can bear the level). So if you are not sure about your level, you can always start from mild, and it is free to add more chillis.


It is a big cost for us to remake your dishes if they are too spicy after you have eaten them. So we kindly ask you to pay in such situation. 


You can also ask to have no chilli and peppercorn at all, or ask us to put spices on the side instead of in the noodle bowl. 

How to make Reservation and do we need to book

For reservation at Jackalope please visit the pub's website 

Typically, there is space for walk-ins. But if you are coming in as a group on Thursday/Friday/Saturday evening, we suggest you make a booking first. 

For group larger than 6, you need to call the pub for reservation. Tel: 0203 455 2871

For reservation at Aldgate Tap, please call 020 313 76437

Lunch is walk-in friendly. 

Are the special dishes available?

Pig trotter and fat end special noodles are currently not in production. We wish to bring them back when our capacity expands. 

What is Xiaomian

Xiaomian is a traditional dish from Chongqing, a city in the Southwest of China. 

Xiaomian is like a ramen style dish. But instead of focusing on the broth, the uniqueness of Xiaomian lies in the variety of ingredients in the noodle base, especially the chilli sauces. Our chilli sauces is made from three different types of chillis and over 15 types of indigenous spices. 

What is the difference between Xiaomian and Glassnoodle

Glassnoodle is made from sweet potato starch. The texture is quite different to wheat noodles, and the look is transparent. 

Our hot & sour glass noodle is a traditional and popular street food from Chongqing. It has vinegar in the base to make the noodle taste sour, and is balanced by the chilli sauces. 

The default option is to use coriander as the topping. You can indicate to remove coriander if you do not like it.

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